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AEDs have the potential to save lives but only if they are ready for a rescue!

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ZOLL AED 3, Powerheart G5, and ZOLL AED Plus - all with interactive CPR coaching and feedback!

Are you familiar with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)?  

An AED is medical device designed for public use that has the ability to deliver an electric shock to a person whose heart is no longer beating in a normal, effective rhythm.  AEDs are effective and easy to use.  Training on how to use and safely operate an AED includes CPR training and only takes a few hours.  AEDs should be available wherever large groups of people gather.  Laws vary by state to determine what type of organizations are required to have AEDs.  A majority of states require AEDs in schools and fitness facilities.  In many communities, police officers and sheriff's deputies are equipped with AEDs as well.    

There are many different brands and models of AEDs with varying features but they all follow the same basic steps for use.  A Certified AED Specialist can explain the differences and how they may benefit your organization.  Site surveys are also recommended to determine where AEDs should be located for quick and easy access. For every minute that passes without proper treatment, the chance of survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) drops by 10%. 

We represent a variety of AED manufacturers to provide life-saving devices for differing needs and budgets.  We also supply the necessary accessories to keep AEDs ready for a rescue.  Signs and storage options are also available to ensure the devices are easy to find and readily accessible. Our AED Management Program stores your AED information and reminds you via email in advance when expiration dates are pending.  Technological advances such as Wi-fi connectivity can also give real-time status of AEDs at your locations. ​​

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